Tech for Good: Online and Mobile Safety, Privacy, and Security

1 Feb

January 28 was Data Privacy Day, an internationally-recognized day all about creating awareness and action around something we might all benefit from knowing more about:  staying safe online.

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These days we are often connected anytime, anyplace, on a mobile device (or two, or three.)   It’s become second-nature to jump onto Wi-Fi for a few minutes on a laptop or tablet.  We hardly think anymore about how we’re doing what we’re doing while we’re doing it…  Who might be watching, or what they might be seeing.  We’re accustomed to granting access for this and that, barely giving privacy a thought.

A recent article in by Adam Popescu titled Data Privacy Day: Painful Growing Pains, highlights some important areas where tech can do a lot of good toward keeping things safe, secure, and private.  Whether we’re emailing, shopping, looking for information, banking, updating our social networks, or anything else, safety is a concern.  Specifically, there are some things you can do to increase your safety and security.

A few standout points:

  • Read privacy policies, and learn more about them through places like PrivacyCamp and its #PrivChat privacy chat on Twitter 

  • Prevent unwanted tracking with services like

  • Stay protected and anonymous on public Wi-Fi with VPN encryption services like AnchorFree’s Hotspot Shield


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Simple things like being aware of security and privacy issues and taking quick, easy steps to prevent trouble can make a big difference in keeping things safe, secure, and private online.

You can read Adam’s article in its entirety HERE.

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