Powerful Engagement, Reach, and Results
Good Plus Tech helps you find, connect with, and engage your ideal audience(s) using several key strategy components.

This includes holistic strategy based on goals, ideally suited tools, thorough reporting, ROI metrics and measurement, and training in the areas of impact communications and marketing, public relations, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, and technology optimization.

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  • Assessments

Analysis, research, and review of marketing, PR, social media, engagement, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) strategy, and/or technology processes, tools, and results.

The first step in planning a solid strategy is determining what the starting point is. We provide comprehensive research and analysis of your current marketing, social media, engagement, DEI, and/or technology processes and results as a baseline for recommendations and action.

  • Create a strategy around goals including leveraging  appropriate platforms and tools

After determining the vision based on goals, we design a plan specific to your needs to reach the people you are looking for wherever they are.

  • Design and implement marketing programs to align with and achieve goals

Based on research and benchmarking, as well as industry best practices, we design, schedule and implement a complete strategy.

  • Provide tools, metrics analysis, and full reporting

Once a strategy is designed, we provide all the tools to methodically see and track concrete results.

  • Training and education on DEI, technology tools, platforms, metrics, reporting, and trends

Track your success across all selected tools, and learn how to continue your success using your own staff and/or our expertise.

  • Search Engine Optimization / Marketing (SEO/SEM) for existing and new online sites

From simply adding an SEO strategy to existing sites to complete site redesigns incorporating the latest SEO/SEM at its core, we make sure anyone looking for what you offer finds you fast.

  • Content creation – Sites, blogs, social media, press releases, white papers, infographics, influencer marketing, and advertising

Creating compelling content across all platforms keeps people sharing your information with friends and keeps them coming back. We can help with all types of digital design as well as copywriting and content creation.

  • Continual optimization of strategy based on results

Following progress and measurable results, we continually optimize your strategy to keep positive progress flowing.

For details or a free consultation to see if there’s a good fit, please contact Amy Neumann:

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