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Love #Quotes? Here are 150+ Quotes on Kindness, Social Good

29 Mar

Do you love quotes as much as I do?  Yes?  Then hopefully you’ll enjoy my book, a free downloadable collection of 150+ inspiring quotes!


Uplifting Quotes on Gratitude and Goodness to Show Appreciation – Downloadable

There are more than 150 quotes about kindness, gratitude, and social good.  (If you prefer a printed book, you can get that on Amazon here – makes a fun gift!)

Smile at a stranger

You can also click here to find 88 Social Good Quotes (all short enough to Tweet) to share.

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Or if you love visual quotes, here are A Dozen Inspiring Quotes for 2015 that you can pin!

green trees pic HP

Thanks for being all about helping and social good!

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14 Quotes to Inspire You

7 Oct

This article originally appears in The Huffington Post.

Amy Neumann


Writer, Speaker; Social Good, PR and Marketing Consultant

Posted: 10/05/2012 5:00 pm

Inspiration can come from many places. Often, it’s something simple that catches your eye and your curiosity, sparking new thinking or a flash of insight. Quotes have long been a source of inspiration for this reason. The right quote can leave one feeling uplifted, or create an “Ah ha!” moment of compassion, happiness, and awareness.

Here are 14 inspiring quotes to give a quick, positive boost to your day!

2012-10-05-InspirationTree.jpgSomething bright at just the right moment can create a beautiful perspective. Photo courtesy of Amy Neumann

William James
1  of  15
“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does.” ~ William James






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