Black Card Circle’s Executive Leadership Exchange – Shanghai, China

13 May

This is something I’m very excited about!  A dear friend of mine, Lotay Yang, CEO of the incredible Black Card Circle (and Founder of Black Card Circle Foundation, a personal favorite nonprofit), is hosting a ground-breaking, once-in-a-lifetime event in China.

This historic event will be at the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong,  a stunning facility synonymous with excellence and renowned thought leadership.  An overview of the program, which is a remarkable bridging of the United States and China around the film and media industries, sounds simply amazing.  As a passionate fan of Chinese culture and history, and student of Mandarin for several years now, I can’t imagine a more unique and rare opportunity to learn in the most hands-on way possible all about doing business with China.

BCC Executive Leadership Exchange (ELE) Curriculum

Through Black Card Circle’s Executive Leadership Exchange (ELE), participants will gain valuable insight into the Chinese film industry, develop crucial Chinese relationships, and learn how to produce film with the support of the Chinese government.

Pudong, Shanghai (June 25, 2012-June 29, 2012)

The 5-day itinerary includes opening and closing festivities, one day of acclimation and seminars on the history and culture of China, one full day of industry excursion, three days of intensive seminars, and several professional interactions off site.

The Chinese Executive Leadership Academy Pudong – Shanghai, China, where the Black Card Circle Executive Leadership Exchange will be held June 25- 29, 2012.

Contents and Courses:

1. China Culture and Values (Chinese history, culture and customs)

Professor from CELAP or professor from Shanghai International Studies University

2. Chinese Business Etiquette

Haishan Jiang, Vice President of CELAP or

Gengfa Liu, Vice Director of Department of International Exchange and Program Development of CELAP

3. China Foreign Investment Policy and Business Environment

Tong Tao, Director of Department of Investment Promotion, Shanghai Foreign Investment Promotion Center

4. The Development and International Strategy of Shanghai Film

Ruigang Li, Deputy Secretary-General of Shanghai Government (Formal President of Shanghai Television Station), or

Jingjun Hu, President of Shanghai Media Group

5. China Film Industry

History and development of Chinese film industry, the management and mechanism of Chinese film, the international trade and cooperation of Chinese film.

Tong Gang, President of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television or

Peikang Lai, Vice President of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television

6. Strategic Leadership

Jieren Xi, President of Department of Leadership Research, CELAP

7. The History and Strategy of Shanghai Film Industry

Tour to Shanghai Chedun Film Studio

Zhonglun Ren, President of Shanghai Film Group, Vice President of Shanghai Media Group

8. Tour to Shanghai Film Studio and US-China Film Industry Mixer

A visit to the Shanghai Chedun Film Studio, Shanghai Film Museum, and Shanghai Film Group; Mixer with famous Chinese producers, film markers, actors

9. The Development and Changes of the City of Shanghai

Tour to Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Centre

10. The Exploration and Practice of Creative Culture Industry

Tour to Zhangjiang Animation Park

Other activities

1. Opening Ceremony;

2. Visit CELAP;

3. Professional Mixer.

If you or a colleague are interested in one of the most unique opportunities available for really being immersed in the business, culture, magic, and incredible knowledge China offers, do check this program out.  It has never been available before now and should not be missed!  For any questions, please contact Black Card Circle here.

One Response to “Black Card Circle’s Executive Leadership Exchange – Shanghai, China”

  1. Shanghai Hotels May 15, 2012 at 4:45 am #

    The Black Card Circle’s Executive Leadership Exchange event sounds like a great opportunity for people in the film industry. Getting the chance to venture into the thriving Chinese film industry could indeed open up a lot of doors. The best part though about this event is that it is using culture as a platform for people to meet and share opportunities, which is an opportunity in itself that will offer a unique experience.

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